Plans are measured through actions and results.

Ongoing actions are the real mirror of a brand. It is true, that success comes from within the company, but making it visible requires active efforts on the markets as well. It all begins with the implementation of the management’s strategic vision into a company-wide understanding and then to the cutting edge of external marketing communications.

Punda’s brand philosophy is based market management and on a holistic dialogue with the markets and the company’s personnel. We support our clients in their multi-channel internal and external communications in their home as well as in international markets.

Continuous communication

One internalizes new things only after several repetitions. For this reason, strategic communication has to be systematic, active and credible towards personnel as well as external stakeholders. We support corporate management targets through multi-channel and -layered communications that aim for a natural dialogue between the organization and its stakeholders. In addition to information this means interactive work, supporting sales communications, events and campaigns.

Service design

Service design is a part of the internal strategy work. It is managing the range of service time. Service design can address how to approach clients, partners or personnel as well as physical or digital commerce architecture. When designing services we create models to achieve set goals and for further development in order to achieve maximum competitive advantage that supports the brand.

Strategic game

The strategic game was designed to support the mobilisation of strategy. It helps the personnel and other interest group representatives apply the direction and objectives of the company to daily decision-making and situations. The game helps us provide the company’s management with useful material on the progress of the mobilisation as well as create a foundation for any additional operations.

The strategy game is also an excellent tool in the orientation stage. It is an easy way for new employees to familiarise themselves with their job and the obligations of the company’s strategy and values.

Partnership with Punda means a dedicated co-operation
for your company’s business growth.


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