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Success originates from within.

Mobilising the management’s strategic view into an awareness that the whole company commits to is the heart and soul of everything. The strategy has to be converted into new skills and work methods.

Punda’s brand philosophy is based on committing the personnel and other internal interest groups to the joint objective as well as to building a market image. To support living organisations, or brand management, we implement mobilisation processes, create orientation materials, and provide managers with tools to support long-term leadership.

Internal communication

People only internalise new things after they have been repeated several times. Because of this, strategic communication to the personnel has to be systematic, active, and credible. In addition to notifications, this refers to the managers’ tools and ability to strengthen the organisation’s mutual objectives. Creating channels for internal communication, briefing, and creating strategy-supporting content are some of the services offered by Punda.

Service design

Service design is a part of the internal strategic work. When the organisation supports the set objectives, the organisation’s understanding increases and its ability to serve the market in accordance with the objectives improves. In addition to contemplating the service experience and resources, service design provides a venue for considering different tools, such as the utilisation of digitalisation in the effective implementation of objectives.

Strategic game

The strategic game was designed to support the mobilisation of strategy. It helps the personnel and other interest group representatives apply the direction and objectives of the company to daily decision-making and situations. The game helps us provide the company’s management with useful material on the progress of the mobilisation as well as create a foundation for any additional operations.

The strategy game is also an excellent tool in the orientation stage. It is an easy way for new employees to familiarise themselves with their job and the obligations of the company’s strategy and values.

Partnership with Punda means a dedicated co-operation
for your company’s business growth.


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