Punda is your partner in holistic brand development.

Brand is born out of the company’s distinctive way of thinking and acting. A well-functioning strategy forms the basis for the brand’s DNA, the customer experience and its various forms of expressing that. Punda Brands. is your partner in managing your brand. We lead the process and implementation is executed by our extensive partner network. The combination guarantees a top-class result in all ensembles.

Your customers talk about you as your company’s product, communications, staff, and partners serve it to the customer. It’s not just about marketing communications, it’s about decisions that go much deeper into this, which ultimately takes on the meaning of properly constructed external communications. We are building this path with our customers.

Building a brand is a year-long journey towards a cost-effective business

The perception of the product or operator is gradually emerging. For this reason, it is important that all pieces of action serve the same idea and goal. This makes it easier for the customer to build trust and make a purchase decision.

A brand’s journey is longer than a single sales campaign or the life cycle of a collection. It is a chain of numerous actions in which the actor redeems the expectations he has set time and time again.

After the initial investments, the brand’s voice is stronger and easier to maintain. The customer experience and trust of well-managed brands are significantly higher than others. At the same time, the fixed costs they spend on maintaining the brand’s voice are less than half the average. For this reason, a comprehensive brand strategy also has economic significance.

Brands born internally

Punda’s brand philosophy is based market management and on a holistic dialogue with the markets and the company’s personnel. We support our clients in their multi-channel internal and external communications in their home as well as in international markets.

Management tools for continues development

Brand management is a matter for the CEO and the management team. A good plan and support for effective implementation when management has the tools to measure brand development. Contact us! >>