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Punda’s customers represent a wide variety of industries and company sizes. What they all have in common is a desire to benefit from brand management. Below, we have presented a number of examples of the challenges we have faced with our customers and the projects we have shared.

Punda is a boutique-level export partner 

Punda’s customer has a long history in cooperating with a local distributor in China. The sale was in reasonable level, but did not match the size of the market and the company decided to set up its own unit in the country. They recruited Punda to do this, who is responsible for the operation, marketing and administration of the unit. To get there, Punda hired it’s own team for the customer.

After a year of cooperation, the customer is very satisfied with their decision. The strategy planned for the Chinese market has begun to live and the results follow the settled targets. The company is particularly satisfied with Punda’s flexibility in special situations, which are coming forward in China all the time. Things are always taken care of, and the continues reporting is of high quality and transparent. “Punda is a boutique-level export development organization that perfectly meets the needs of our company.”

Punda’s brand expertise as part of the daily life of China’s largest FMCG player

Punda has had the pleasure of collaborating alongside one of China’s top ten most valuable brand houses, the country’s largest FMCG player, to develop the company’s brand portfolio. As the standard of living in the country has become middle-class, and international brands have found a foothold in the market, brand management has become an increasingly important tool in China. The accurate sales analysis of the FMCG market provides an excellent basis for market data, but alongside this historical data, the management of a portfolio of dozens of different product brands places particular emphasis on target group profiling and forecasting the consumption trends of these groups. With this holistic expertise and high-quality design, Punda’s team has been utilized in the company’s various business areas in recent years.

Working with an international industry leader for nearly 20 years

The partnership between Punda and a global technology leader has continued since before the start of the new millennium. Our comprehensive multi-channel brand management has involved everything from managing the company’s visual identity to designing sales tools and constructing digital service channels.

“Punda’s work highlights our company’s external identity. It corresponds to the image that we want to convey to our customers. Together we have told the markets a company story that has helped us maintain the leadership position year after year. “Our salespersons around the world are extremely satisfied with the support that marketing has provided them with”, says the CEO of the customer company. The long partnership is built on a foundation of smooth day-to-day operation and effortless interactions based on mutual goals. ”When working with Punda, you can be sure that things get done.”

Concepts for the global markets

One of Punda’s customers develops commercial renewable energy production concepts for the global market. The company has top-notch industrial expertise and is capable of chaining the competitive advantages related to having a global production chain. Punda provides the company with marketing concept design services.

“It takes some experience to turn ideas into concrete and convincing concepts. Punda has offered us high-quality partnership that meets the requirements of our global operating environment. Our co-operation is flexible and always based on current needs. We have worked together on both real estate development and energy production projects. We have launched industrial products and managed media relations with great success”, says the CEO of Punda’s customer company.

”Would you like a complete concept delivered as a turnkey solution?”

“We have an idea about a new restaurant concept.” This is how the conversation started with a Punda customer who is in charge of several different concepts. The co-operation resulted in a brand new restaurant concept combining services that adapt to different customer needs depending on the time of day and branded products intended for sale outside the restaurant. During the project, Punda was responsible for designing the entire visual concept, from the name to the packaging and service instructions for the personnel.

“Our co-operation was extremely smooth and professional. All details were designed to suit a commercial environment and carefully finished. Punda’s ability to produce unique ideas impressed us as well”, describes the business manager responsible for the project.

Support during a fusion process

Combining two similar-sized organizations always carries significant risks. Especially, if two medium-sized companies fuse to become a new market leader – who then needs to develop the market instead of following their competitors. Two questions become critical for success: How to realize the new vision and shared company culture as quickly as possible? And how can the market change be utilized most effectively to inspire maximum interest and trust in the customers? This requires proactive preparation and a strong long-term commitment to carrying out a change in communications.

Complete responsibility over the multichannel reality of brand building

Both the service design and visibility of a growing industrial company require constant attention. They both help build the company’s identity in the eyes of the customers and the personnel. A customer promise that is shared and repeated across all channels guides all of the company’s functions towards the same path. Understandability increases and achieved results create a culture of success.

A Finnish company that provides industrial services externalized all of its marketing communications to Punda in 2012. Punda started by renewing the company’s visual identity across all channels. From then on, Punda has been responsible for the company’s multi-channel communications – media relations, communication with customers and the development of internal channels, social media and other online communications.

Changes and growth

When a company’s revenue increases five-fold in just five years, the internal changes require as much attention as the sales and marketing support. The co-operation between Punda and our customer, who works in the service sector, began in 2011. At the time, the company employed roughly 800 persons in 30 branch offices. In 2016, it employs 3,200 persons in almost 100 branch offices.

The co-operation has covered everything from the basic elements of company identity to event production and sales support materials. Punda has also carried out customer and personnel surveys for the company in order to monitor operation quality reliably despite the rapid growth.

Partnership with Punda means a dedicated co-operation
for your company’s business growth.

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