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Creating real visions for tomorrow.

A brand is an awareness mutually shared by an organization and its customers. We have excelled creation of the brand and its management in the international business environment.

Punda builds brands for international competition. This is done through proactive market intelligence, planning that supports long-term leadership, and strengthening the internal understanding of the organization. Conceptualizing is our passion. We create visualization and content for brands and commit to their long-term construction through our partnership model.

For over two decades we have been taking dozens of companies to the international markets. Our customers operate globally as leading players in their markets. This has been achieved by proactive strategic planning along with consistent long-term brand management.

Our aim is leading markets instead of following them. It is also crucial that brand is managed internally within the organization alongside with its external marketing. There is no shortcut to building a brand; it requires years of systematic actions and hard work.

Partner in everyday business

We are our customers’ partner in the various stages of brand management. We ideate, research, plan, build, coordinate and provide guidance. Our experts serve you in the areas of foresight, strategic work, service design, and design as well as internal and external communication. In addition, our internationalization services help companies to establish their operations in the selected markets.

Punda Services - Marketing Vision and Foresight Strategy - Brand Strategy - Concept Design - Internal and External Brand Management - Communication and Market Design

We bring a true market perspective to support your long-term development. Our approach is to work with our customers using partnership model that lasts for many years instead of individual projects. With one single partner for brand cooperation, clients save time and efforts of managing multiple co-operators and enhance the consistency in multi-channel communication.

Punda’s values

Punda’s values are based on customer-centered operations, continuous development, professional skills and respect among colleagues, all while maintaining profitability. Our values are the strong part of our everyday life. A good working environment and development supporting management are the essence of our foundation.

Partnership with Punda means a dedicated co-operation
for your company’s business growth.


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